Just need someone to talk to? 

Consider CircTrack Plus.  For a flat fee you can get answers to your most pressing questions, ideas for the next step in your marketing strategy, ways to increase circulation in a hurry, help with a specific project or referrals to creative, reliable subcontractors.

Some suggestions for using this service include:

  1. You have a new marketing effort to review and want to discuss its strengths, weaknesses and possible test suggestions to improve response

  2. You need an outside perspective on ways to improve renewal or billing efforts

  3. You want to test a new technique or a source you’ve never tried and need some input on your ideas

  4. Your web site needs to get more subscriptions and you want another opinion on possible improvements

  5. You like to talk about ideas for the next steps in your magazine’s circulation/audience development plan

Call Elaine at 203 437 4248 or email elainetyson@sbcglobal.net to discuss the topic you have in mind and how you might benefit from Tyson Associates years of experience.

You have two options available:

$500 provides up to one hour of phone consultation.  Time can be accumulated in 15 minute increments over a five working day period.  This option also includes email for up to five business days after the initial call.

$700 provides the above benefits plus review of related documents – marketing pieces, plans and/or schedules.

Should you decide to hire Tyson Associates for a larger project or on retainer to manage circulation/audience development within 35 days of the initial phone consultation, your telephone consulting fee will be credited to the cost of your new assignment.

CircTrack Plus is paid through PayPal.

Tyson Associates, Inc., 1 East Hayestown Road #80, Danbury, CT. 06811. Phone 203 437 4248. Fax: 719 452 3538.